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Let me start out by saving you lots of time if you arrived here while searching for a ‘get rich quick‘ formula.  Believe me there is no such place and if anyone is telling you they have the ‘secret to making millions online in 30 days’, run as fast as you can and put your credit card away.  I have seen a lot of these schemes and trust me, they do NOT work.  It’s really a shame that there are so many people out there who are willing to sell these  ‘formulas’ that they know won’t work and take people’s money without a second thought about it.

Everything promoted on this website has been either purchased or screened by me or my team.  I will NOT promote junk!  That is my promise to you.  You can rest assured that I won’t endorse products that I am not currently using or that have not been recommended by trusted entrepreneurs who are well established in the home business industry.

Why Start a Home Business Today?

Why should you start a home business today?  The answer is simple.  Look at the news.  People are losing their jobs each and every day at an alarming rate.  There are numerous advantages to having your own business.  A few that instantly come to mind are tax savings, time freedom, extra income and actually doing something you enjoy.

A young woman I know personally  left the corporate world after 20 years to start a thriving bakery business.   Aunt Sharon’s Sweets bakes delicious treats for weddings, baby showers and all sorts of occasions.  Sharon is just one example of the many people I know of who works for herself now and doesn’t have to worry about answering to a grouchy boss or worrying about corporate deadlines. Future posts will feature other successful entrepreneurs.

Technology has made working from home so much easier than it was twenty years ago.  It’s no longer necessary to stockpile products in your home or garage and spend valuable time hosting home parties to promote your products.  The internet has made it possible to market to the entire world.  It’s amazing how small the world truly is when we use the tools available to us today.

Work at Home Success Today is committed to bringing you tools and resources that will help you start your successful home based business.  Articles suggesting many different home business opportunities will be posted here.  Check back often and share with your friends.  Subscribe to our RSS feed. See you next time!

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